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PACS-USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization, established by New York-New Jersey Insurance executive, Al Singer, of Singer Nelson Charlmers. The organization helpa America’s hurting children and families by sponsoring truckloads of food to specific and focused areas of need to those most vulnerable. Credit goes to many insurance companies and to Feed The Children for their generous support and partnership.

Please help America’s suffering children from going another day without food.

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Since 1997, when he founded PEOPLE AGAINST CHILDREN STARVING – USA, Al Singer, the altruistic President of Singer Nelson Charlmers in Teaneck, New Jersey, has made great strides in alleviating a tragic and enormously complex social problem in this country – childhood hunger.

When Mr. Singer discovered from a disturbing television documentary, that some 12 million children go to bed hungry every night in our affluent nation, his immediate reactions were not only disbelief and shock but dismay – because he believes strongly that our children represent the future. Studies prove that children who are not properly fed suffer negative academic performance in school and are more prone to psychological problems.

Immediately, Mr. Singer resolved to help eradicate this societal ill, which he says is caused by a variety of problems such as unemployment and poverty, the breakdown of the American family, alcohol and drug abuse, physical disabilities and mental illness. Rolling up his sleeves and networking tirelessly, Al Singer established a brand-new charity, PACS-USA, that works in conjunction with Feed The Children, an Oklahoma City-based relief organization that has distributed food to children worldwide since 1979.

Due to Mr. Singer’s success in involving civic-minded insurance agents and other professionals across the country, PACS-USA has raised large sums of money to fund the project. Funds accrue to Feed The Children which, in turn, coordinates the distribution of food to food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, and related organizations in cities nationwide.

A truck sponsorship program allows an individual, company, group, or church to provide an entire or partial truckload of food to those in need. A contribution of $8,200 finances one truckload which may contain up to 35,000 pounds of various foodstuffs such as pasta, beans, vegetables, baby food, soup, oatmeal and tea. Major manufacturers provide the food at cost. The retail value of Feed The Children truckloads may range from $43,200 to $50,000.   Sponsors can choose the locality which will benefit from their largesse. They and their employees are also welcome to be on site for the unloading of their food, thus giving them the opportunity for excellent publicity in their community. These media events have been attended by local mayors, US senators, members of Congress, and celebrities.

It’ s not surprising that Mr. Singer was the recipient of the first Community Service Award – presented by Rough Notes magazine (an insurance industry publication) and The Society of Certified Professional Insurance Agents – for his philanthropic work.   In discussing the progress of PACS-USA, Al Singer recently commented, “We’ve been very successful. We’ve already delivered some 600,000 pounds of food. We get many letters and thank you’s from people. And our employees are thrilled. It’ s a ton of work, and it’s all done strictly on a volunteer basis.” Eliza Warren, editor of THE CONSOLIDATED APPRAISAL REPORT, published by Consolidated Appraisal Co., Inc. in New York City, volunteered her services as a writer for PACS-USA and looks forward to working with Al Singer and the staff at Singer Nelson Charlmers in promoting this important humanitarian effort.

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Learn more about PACS-USA and how your company, school, or social club can sponsor a truckload of food for children who desperately need our help!